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Xbox 360 – what is a MOD? can you get them on xbox? and for what games? also, I have xbox live?



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  1. A modded Xbox360 lets you do many things. Most common are Flashed and Jtaged xbox360s. Dont know much about a jtaged xbox360. I personally have a “flashed” xbox. I could simply burn games on my laptop/desktop and put them on my xbox and they will work. Im not Banned from xbox rite now

    ALSO, you CAN NOT Mod/Moddify an Xbox360 with a USB

  2. A Mod is a controller that has been modified to allow you to play a certain game better. For instance, a modded controller for Call of Duty would allow you to shoot faster, sprint nonstop, aim quicker, possibly allow you to teleport across the map, and other perks. There are certain modded controllers for certain games, and others are pretty much universal. You should be careful using them on Xbox Live because if you get reported for using one you could get banned.

  3. A mod is an abbreviation for a ‘modification’. If something has been changed, it has been modified. In slang for console gamers/pc gamers, it is usually something which gives you access to something other people can’t normally do (e.g. unlimited money on a game, unlimited health on Nazi zombies, etc.). Every game can be modified/modded, except for most indie games.

    Mods can be used for pc, and consoles. Including the Xbox 360. You can also mod on Xbox LIVE, but the major Xbox LIVE mods require a jtag (a modded Xbox 360), however, some can be done with a USB. Here is the link to one of the many tutorials on how to mod a game for Xbox 360: [url is not allowed].

    You can look up specific mods for specific games. The best mods I have come across are the Mod Menus (a menu which gives you access to lots of mods) for Nazi Zombies on WaW. If you wish to join us modders, i advise you to download a program called Modio, it is extremely helpful and the best modding program in my opinion. It allows you to download modded gamesaves so you don’t have to do the work (such as a 100% complete game). Here is a link to download Modio: [url is not allowed]. Modio 3 is better than the Modio 4 beta, but I don’t think you can currently download Modio 3, but you may be able to find it if you do a little search on Google.

    WARNING: Any mods can get your gamerscore, profile, or console banned. Anything you do is at a risk, but I have been doing mods for a very long time, and the only time i was caught is when I did a gamerscore mod for my profile, so don’t do any profile mods! Gamesave mods are practically harmless!

  4. I think its short for MODify. You can crack the security protection to play pirated games. However, you will invalidate any warranty, so red ring of death issues means new Xbox. Also, you will get banned from Xbox live as they can tell you have MOD’d it, so no game updates, downloads or multi player. Oh, and its illegal to buy the games.

    Would not recommend, buy 2nd hand games instead

  5. A mod is a hack/cheat or other altering of a game that allows you to do things that the game cannot Normally do.

    You cannot get them on Xbox without hacking the Xbox itself so it can download the mods from a computer. This is illegal though and if you hack your console you can never connect to Xbox live again because you will get console banned, making the console just a giant paperweight.

    Most every games have mods.

    Like I said you wouldn’t be able to use it anymore :p

    Mods are primarily on PC and are legal to make and download/use with PC games, but not consoles. People make a variety of mods that can either create new games in the process, make graphics better, change clothing, add weapons/characters, etc. and eh are mainly user created although some game companies have made their own mods as jokes, such as Valve making a mod for Skyrim that makes the Space Core appear out in the woods. But it’s only for PC.

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