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Xbox live connection HELP!?


I started out with the original xbox adapter and a shitty b router (b is worst, g is ok, and n is the best), and that worked good enough for my games. Over time it kept getting worse until it didn’t even connect me to xbox live any more. Then we bought a new n router, though the original xbox adapter only goes to g, and that fixed all the problems, over time though, it gradually got worse until it wouldn’t let me connect anymore. Then I bought an n adapter for the xbox and my connection was amazing. Same thing though, over time it got shitty. Since then I’ve tried all sorts of things to improve the connection and they’ve all kind of helped at first but pooped after a while like usual. Now Im out of ideas and can barely play my online games anymore. My connection in my house has NOT decreased over time since I got my xbox, only my xbox’s connection. My xbox is in the basement and the router is on the main floor, and there is no way to ever have a wired connection. If there is any solution that will permanently fix my problems or explain them, I would SO appreciate your ideas. By now Ive spent almost $200 on this and I’m out of ideas. Thank you.

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  1. you can put a 2nd computer downstairs and bridge the connection from the pc to the xbox 360

    that way the pc will act like a hub and the internet will run to the pc and then to the system

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