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“Xbox Live” Creepypasta



  1. this a warning do not add bearsoldier69 if you add bearsoldier69 you be punished and you will regret Cody ~?~%^%?~^^{>|]>^|{>^~]?|{%?{]~~?{>{>bearsoldier69 was a popular player he accidentally made a huge mistake he got unfriended later he was found dead in his house with a pistol in his hand now he's cursing xbox he might find you !!.?{>?|^{>^>€]€€HELP€|€!ME}>^^€{!*{.€CODY_€]€MARTELL_*€CAN₽FREE¥¿§ME>]>₩

  2. PLEASE! Some Xbox ghost gonna tell me hes not done n i cant leave? K, YOU TELL MY MOM THATS WHY IM NOT LOGGING OFF FOR DINNER N DEAL WITH HER, YOU THINK YOU KNOW HORROR!? HA!!! DARE YOU TO DEFY THAT CRAZY BITCH…being a ghost will be the least of your issues

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