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Xbox One S Gets A Price Cut To $249 In The US. PlayStation VR Sold Out in the UK Until 2017


Xbox One S Gets A  Price Cut To 9 In The US. PlayStation VR  Sold Out in the UK Until 2017

Xbox ONE X is HERE !!! #XboxONEX


  1. Guys please let's just be honest about the facts here, me personally i've always been a true playstation fan growing up, but i do respect all consoles at once because i love video games, but come on i remember back in the last gen days of 2005 2006 and on a few years after sony did struggle a lot and i had to deal with harsh xbox fanboys bragging how their system is better and that everyone has one, which was correct it had a good start for microsoft, sony did honestly not have a great one because of the pricing, plus the economy was super bad at the time, but i still stuck by sony because I just had to support them at the same time, now it's good to see that sony is back on track with a good leading sales record, so now it became sony's turn to take on the lead, and now all the xbox fanboys are getting super pissed off now, now you know how i felt back in those days, but so what, I just had to deal with it, but in no way im trying to be a fanboy, i own a 360 myself good system, planning on getting the one s later, you gotta give sony credit for picking themselves back up from that big pothole

  2. Is it really still considered next generation? Would it be current generation now? I hardly believe ppl still game on the 360 and ps3 like before the ps4 and XB1 came out.

  3. desperation is taking a console that just launched (PS4 Pro) and dropping the price by $60 thats desperation. JS

  4. Hey stonefox don't you live in the U.S sounds like your pulling for straws over there bro your looking for any good news to make Sony look good and we as gamers really know that Sony VR is not selling that good at all and isn't it always every year that Microsoft drops the price of the Xbox for around that price. Just keeping it real bro why don't you report about how Microsoft just got a deal with DOD FOR $949 MILLION BUCKS in the end Microsoft can't do what the fuck they want and still make money man

  5. Xbox can make a price cut because it can afford to…Sony can't do that because the VR is going to be a fad and will cost them a lot.

  6. so dropping the price of the ps4pro was a smart business move by Sony, even though the console just released a week or two before but a price drop on the xb1s is desperate? Gotcha.

  7. so when (literally everytime) xbox gets a price drop its a desprate move, but when sony does it, its a smart move lol.
    But in any case I think the consumer won.

  8. I don't know how either of them are still selling consoles; like in two years the new consoles are about to be out.

  9. no you dumbass has some marketing thing concerts always go down at Christmas time yeah but Microsoft lose a billion dollars a year as a whole fucking company unlike Sony the last 10-15 years Dillards close to fifteen or Twenty billion dollars

  10. I unsubscribed lol not because of this video though. I just unsubcribe because every video that stone fox has been uploading lately has been very fanboyish, and i am just done with that fanboy crap.

  11. I must admit I am not really a console gamer, I purchased an Xbox 360 a few years ago and it was the Halo 4 edition, but after reading about the XboxONEX I might have to get this one as well. Excellent video Dave.

  12. It's already been stated that many of the games on the Xbox X will use checkerboard rendering just like the PS4 Pro and so won't be true native 4k.

    All games must run on the original Xbox One too so I wouldn't expect a huge graphical improvement just a bit of a touch up with higher resolution and hopefully a better frame rate. Microsoft still have a dearth of top quality first party titles so expect only a handful of games to really take full advantage of the specs. £450 is a lot of money and I expect Sony will knock the price down the price of the PS4 Pro to coincide with the new Xbox's launch.

  13. I guess this is Microsoft's answer to Sony's PlayStation 4 Pro? Microsoft's naming head (which never stop changing things), is deciding to rename all Minecraft's (Pocket Edition, Console Editions, Windows 10 Edition, etc) to Minecraft (scrapping the sub name) and changing PC Minecraft to Minecraft Java Edition. Microsoft will never stop changing names will they… 😛 Nice video by the way. <3

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