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Xbox360 or Playstation 3?


im going to buy one for X-mas, which one is better, the two main games i want are pro evo and gta. the xbox is cheaper i know but what would ye recommend?

also(if i wer to get and xbox, will the premium one do or is the elite one worth it?)
but i only want it really for them 2 games, i wont be using it for videos or music or anything like that, pretty much only them 2 games, and how much is the ps3 in €’s?

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  1. Probably if you just want to play games on it (nothing else like blurays, Internet, music, etc.) and save a little money, then the cheapest Xbox will do.

    However, if you think you might want to use any of that you should definitely go for a PS3; they’re pretty cool.

  2. Depends if you want to play with friends you should get the 360 it has more people. More people have bought it. Also I like the 360 it is cheaper and you get gears of war and halo. If you like movies you should get the PS3 it can play movies. Stuff for the PS3 like controllers etc cost more. ITs up to what you want. If you get the 360 and want to watch movies you have to get the elite if you dont get the regular and buy a hardrive

  3. So as you can see, there is only a $15 difference between the two. So it’s really up to you now. See which system has the games you like, how many friends have each console, etc.

    Plus, with the Playstation 3, out of the box, you get: Blu-Ray player that is really worth around $700, Bluetooth technology (this may be a turn off for Harmony universal remote owners), built in Wi-Fi, free Online gaming membership, 20GB more space than Xbox 360, you can swap the HDD, and effectively upgrade to 1Terabyte.

    Sony even said that they made the PS3 to last a decade. The multi-platform games are using about 25% of the PS3’s graphical potential. So there’s lots of wiggle room in the future for much more brighter, detailed and massive environments.

    On the other hand, most multiplatform games are using about 98% of it’s potential. And they look only slightly inferior on the PS3, if not much at all. And PS3 has a very good reliability rate: only 0.2% failure rate (note the decimal), while Xbox 360’s have a 30% failure rate. So, for every 1000 of both consoles produced, 2 PS3’s are defective, whilst about 330 Xbox 360’s are defective. The numbers speak for themselves.

    Many game developers have OPENLY stated that in the near future, and some starting right now, they will use the PS3 as a lead developing platform, then port the games to the 360. It’s just that right now, developers haven’t got used to the PS3 Cell Broadband Engine’s complex and unique structure.

    Also, many Xbox fanboys will say “Sure, LIVE is 60 bucks a year, but you get what you pay for.” Isn’t this like a Sony fanboy saying “Sure, it’s 100 bucks more, but that is *pretty much* all you pay for, except for games? (and some accessories, which are abundant on each console”

    Hope this helps!

    So I say you should get the PS3–you get the most bang for your buck, and it’s an incredibly advanced all-in-one home media center hub. You can even install Linux or Windows XP and use it as a computer-legally! While with the Xbox 360, Microsoft will ban your 360 from certain things, if you install the OS at all (just try to bypass the security).

  4. PS3

    Cheaper in long run (free controller battery recharge, free wifi, etc)


    Updatable Blu-ray player (only high end blu ray players are able to update [blu ray 1.0, 1.1, 2.0 etc.])

    web browser

    PS store uses regular money amounts instead of 1600 MS points=$20.00

    controller allows you to be more precise with the sticks

    better variety of games

    PSN is free, nearly equal to XBL, and growing just as fast- faster

    next Xbox is *rumored* to be in development (coming in 3-5 years); PS3 is shooting for a 10 year lifespan

    few good 360 exclusives; many good PS3 exclusives

    PS3 exclusives get higher ratings overall

    Despite what the Xbots will have you believe, many developers have said that in the near future or now, multi platform games will be developed for PS3, then ported to 360

    nearly all of the 360s potential is being used now, whilst a much smaller percentage of the PS3s technological potential is being used, even for games that are identical. This means in the near future with better developing technology the 360 will be obselete and the PS3 will STILL have some potential left untapped

    possibly 30% of Xboxes die (and if something like the fan breaks, you have to buy a whole new one); possibly only 0.2% of PS3s break

    As an interesting fact about value, SONY actually loses money for every PS3 they sell. They’ve done this or made little profit on all playstations.

    If anybody goes into a store after doing their homework and researching both, any informed buyer will walk out with a PS3.

  5. I got my PS3 last month. I had an xbox 360 but it broke for the 8th time which was really annoying. So I got a PS3. The system is sterdy. Good Games include Uncharted Drakes Fortune, Metal Gear Solid 4, and Ratchet and Clank Tools of Destrction. These are in my top 8 favorite games of all time. This system is amazing for kids-adults. BUY IT! Not to mention it has the funtion to play Blu-Ray which is high def movies. This sytem plus the games I listed are GREAT buys and you will love it. Also dont listen to the xbox 360 fanboys even though the xbox 360 is a great system. THIS IS BETTER!

    I also have to tell you about the xbox 360 you will think it is cheaper untill you have to pay for warrenty (50 a year), a wirless adapter (100), xbox live membership (60 a year). For the PS3 this is all free except the warrenty. However, This makes the PS3 cheaper. Not to mention you dont need warrenty for the PS3 because it is sterdy. DID YOU HEAR ME MY XBOX 360 BROKE 8 TIMES! You will think this wont happen to you but it will. You will love the PS3

  6. You should get a PS3.I traded in my 360 to get one and I never regreted it.The 360 just gets kinda boring after a while.You can do so much more with the PS3.

  7. Now let’s clear one thing up, for those of you who don’t know. The Playstation 3 is the cheaper console, when you add up the necessary accessories, you find that you get many things with the PS3, things you would end up buying as over-priced, proprietary add-ons for the Xbox 360.

    This is what most people would buy when they buy an Xbox 360 or Playstation 3

    Xbox 360:

    Console 60 GB-$300

    1 extra controller-$60

    1 new game-$60

    Recharge for Controller-$30 P& C, $40 Quick Charge

    Wireless adapter- $100 (you don’t really need this, so I’m subtracting it from the total)

    Xbox LIVE- $60

    Wireless Headset-$70 (official)


  8. First of all it Christmas, not xmas, and it really does not matter which one but i have both and the ps3 gives alot of problems and I have only had one problem with xbox and ps3 usually have more problems than the xbox so its up to you

  9. ok I would normally give a long explaination why but I’m in a hurry so I”ll list a few reasons why you should get a ps3 instead of a 360


    On a 360 pro there is a 33.3% chance of getting the rings of death/fire/destruction and on the elite there is a 10% chance.

    With any ps3 there is only a 0.2 % chance. so I think like 2 out of every 200 people’s ps3 would get the yellow light (that’s what I think it is)


    There are many good game selections on ps3 and xbox 360 but xbox 360 is mainly a console for shooters other than that the games aren’t that great. (I have both systems so I’m not being unfair). For ps3 they are mainly sport oriented but the shoooters are also great.


    The xbox 360 has a brand new design and the should buttons are nice

    the ps3 has the same design but the new changes are the shoulder buttons and the middle button (the home button)

    You can charge the ps3 controller but for the 360 you have to buy batteries.


    Ps3 online is good but sometimes (rarely but sometimes laggy.

    Xbox 360 online is good but laggy sometimes if the host has a bad connection or the server isn’t working properly. On the plus side ps3 online is free but on 360 you have to pay.


    the changed the xbox dashboard and everything. You can make avatars (just like on the Wii) and use them in some games.

    ps3 just got ps3 home it’s an open world where you can use your avatar and roam the city. You can get your house and use the ps3 online points to buy extra furniture and stuff like that (something like the sims)

    That’s all I can tell you for now. if you have any further questions then just ask me

    please vote me best answer

  10. –.

    Playstation 3:

    Console 80GB- $400

    1 extra controller- $55

    1 new game- $60

    Playstation Network- $0

    Wireless Adapter- built in

    Wireless Headset- $50 (official)

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