Home Playstation Forum Can i transfer data from one PS3 to another?

Can i transfer data from one PS3 to another?


Will i be able to transfer trophies, game data, games saves etc to a new PS3 when my old one is not broken?

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  1. This one is the best and new systems.

    PS3 Surround Sound System

    Product Features

    Proprietary S-Force technology creates the equivalent of five-speaker surround sound

    Four sound fields (standard, stereo, vivid, dynamic) and two sound modes (night, dialogue) designed specifically for gaming

    2.1 channels

    I ntegrated subwoofer for added convenience

    Sleek and compact design matching PS3 system aesthetics


  2. First go to your file, highlight it then push triangle (not X), then select copy.

    If your device is connected, a screen should appear that says “select your destination”- select your destination and your on your way

    To Copy to the PS3, plug in the harddrive or put the Cd in, then highlight drive or CD undr the category you want, music, video,… then push triangle and select copy (or copy multiple to copy more things faster).

    You can copy saved games to bring to friends houses also.

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