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Change weapons in Far Cry 3 (Xbox)?


So, I bought FarCry 3 yesterday, I already unlocked 4 weapon slots, but how do I change my weapons to, for example, my first to third or fourth slot? I can only change from first to second by pressing Y :?. Thanks a lot for taking the time to answer!!


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  1. The Y button is only for quick switching between the last two weapons that you have used. To use the rest, hold down the Left Bumper to open up the weapon wheel and use the right stick to switch between all of your weapons. That wheel also lets you switch your secondary weapon as well: grenade, cocktail, mine, or C4.

  2. You can re-assign weapons and tools to different slots only whilst in the gun store menu by highlighting the weapon in the store and clicking on “equip” (the game will tell you which button that is). You then get taken to the equipment display where the weapon you’re trying to equip will be in the centre of the display and you then highlight which empty slot you want to use or highlight the weapon already occupying a slot which you wish to replace.

    It’s a similar deal with syringes: you craft the syringe and then equip it to one of the two available slots.

  3. Hold down left bumper and use your joystick to choose which one you would like to use. Also, press Y to switch between the last used weapon. Use the store to assign weapons with Y, a wheel will pop up and choose where you would like them.

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