1. no i simply just take my ethernet cord out of my wireless adapter nd plug one end to my xbox360 and the othrer to my computer and join xboxlive nd create an account and i use the silver card option it gives you and the silver card is free xbox live you dnt have to pay or anything

  2. No, you don’t have to use a credit card. You can buy pre-paid Gold subscription cards in any store that sells Xbox equipment (Wal-Mart, Target, Best Buy, etc.). The risk of using a credit card over Live is the same as if you were to use one in a store. I suggest getting a pre-paid card instead.

  3. You can by prepaid cards. What ever you do give your credit card details to Microsoft or purchase anything from the live market place with it they NEVER remove the details. It took me 2 months to get Microsoft to stop automatically renewing my Xbox live gold and i had to report my credit card as missing.

  4. JD best answer is to purchase an annual xbox live card at walmart, target gamestop one of these stores. It is a pre-paid membership that will get you on line and not require a credit card. These can be purchased either for a year (normally 13 months) a month or a 3 month. xbox line is a very safe place that I have not heard a lot of stolen identity problems with. What normally happens is someone gives out information that should kept private and accounts have been hijacked. Let me explain you will be given a gamertag and you will create a password. This is your information only, do not give this out at all ever! Some people have given it out to other people because they tell them they can get their account to a level 50 on halo for a better community status but all they are doing is hijacking the account for the membership. Keep it safe, keep private, and you will enjoy hours of entertainment. Good luck and happy gaming.

  5. Just buy a live subscription in the store, hence the fact that you want to sell your xbox360 with your hard drive and you forget to delete all your credit card info then the person who buys it can use your credit card.

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