Home Playstation Forum does the have ps3 free online play?

does the have ps3 free online play?


is the ps3’s online play really free? i have a router and a adapter that i use for my ipod and other computer is that all i need to play online? and is it free you don’t have to buy a pass or anything?

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  1. Yes it is 100% free, no hidden fees or passes or anything. Just connect to the Playstation Network with your adaptor and router and you’ll be set to play any online game you wish completely free!

  2. Yeah, there’s content in it that you have to pay for like costumes if you want them, but registering and going to PSN Home and having it is 100% free. =D Uncharted 2 and other online stuff is free as well, but as far as Call of Duty I wouldn’t get on it right now because of hackers. D=

  3. It is 100% free. It is completely free to connect to and play online on ps3. It is really a great service, playstation network. I love that its free. They also offer great customer support. Yes all you need is a router. No pass required.

  4. No you only pay for the internet that you have like at&t or clear as long as you have internet the psn network is free hoped it helped

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