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HDTV and Xbox 360 question?


Which resolution is better to play on a Xbox 360. 480p, 720p,or 1080i. I need to knoe what resolution would make say GEARS OF WAR look better. I am playing on 1080i since my TV can support it, but some textures and things are blurry. Is that because my TV is made for 720p but still can support 1080i. I need to know this. All answers are greatly appreciated along with maybe a informational website.

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  1. We need the details.

    What’s your TV? Search it up on Best Buy or something and link it.

    Your console? Elite or just the Premium?

    The highest resolution the Xbox 360 can support (the Elite) is 1080p. To achieve 1080p you’ll need to be connected by a VGA cable (from X360 to TV) or HDMI, most people reports that VGA makes their colors washed out.

    If your TV supports 720p then go 720p since it might be better than 1080i seeing that 720 is progressive compare to the 1080i.

    Seriously, I played Gears of War for about 6-7 months, looks gets very old after a while. This isn’t Unreal Tournament 3, you don’t need a 1440p or 1080p resolution to achieve the “best” experience, game play is where it’s at.

    Btw get an optical cable so you can get 5.1 Dolby Digital (Surround), it’s much better than having 1440p or 1080p.

    Until you can either afford or get a TV that supports 1080p (plasma for best quality, LCD for not best but yeah.) just go with what your TV supports best.

    Have fun w/ Gears but do you watch movies (HDDVD) on your TV? If so, that’s a different story.

  2. if your TV most likely supports 720 use that

    i have a sony HDTV on 720 and when i tried it on the other resolutions it looked bad so i went with the 720 and it looks fine

    find out the resolution on your TV

  3. Your TV may “support” 1080i, but I’m betting the native resolution is 720p. That means with other sources like 1080i or p the TV is playing with the line count in order to make it fit 720p

    Set the 360 to 720p and it should be fixed.

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