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How to Copy PS3 Games?


Does anyone no how to copy PS3 games?

Is it the same is using image files “ISO”

Please explain to me Thank You

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  1. Ok my whole computer science class went over this topic of bluray discs security. My teacher told me that it isn’t very simple to burn bluray games. Don’t get it confused with the bluray movies, because to burn those you need a bluray burner and blank bluray discs (which would cost you a fortune). Every single bluray game disc has a key written on it, and there is absolute no way to find out that key. Why? Well lets just assume that sony did one hell of a job to protect bluray discs. Now, the only way to find the key is to literally guess the whole damn thing. is it possible? Yeah but the chances are 0.1%. You have no clue how long is that key because every different disc key has different lengths. It could be 20 l/c, 40 l/c, or possibly 500 l/c You have no clue! And then some letters/characters of the key could be special cases so there is another problem.

    In conclusion; It would be 100% more wiser to actually buy/borrow the damn bluray disc than actually try to copy one.

  2. You can’t as for a start there is no program to rip them so far and even if there was you would need a blu-ray burner which I doubt you have with the cost of them. Why not buy a game instead of renting and stealing as it the money you pay for your games with that goes towards the next game they make!

  3. To do it you will need a chipped PS3. There is no mod chip for the PS3. If Sony catch you with a chipped PS3, they will ban your I.P from the PlayStationNetwork.

    Also, to copy the PS3’s Blu Ray discs, you will need a Blu Ray burner which I don’t think you have.

    If you are thinking you will download the ISO’s for games, then think again. I don’t think someone will buy a full game, upload the file, and let someone take his/her hard work for free.

    Sony made a mistake with the PSP, PS1 and PS2. They were all too easy to hack. Sony aren’t going to let the PS3 slip through their fingers this easily!

    So just to sum it up – It’s Illegal and you are in trouble if Sony catches you, and it’s not possible – Yet. Maybe in the future, but not right now. Sorry dude.

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