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I have no sound to my PS3 when it is connected to my Philips LCD TV.?


This problem has happened a few times over the past two years. My PS3 works fine and when I plug it into another TV the sound works but on my TV, every few months, the sound stops working without warning – usually when I have not turned on the console for a week or so. There is no problem with the picture. Has anyone heard of this problem? It must be my TV – but any solutions?

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  1. before buying a new cable make sure you have your PS3 set to output sound through the HDMI cable. On the XMB go to the sound settings, and set the audio output to HDMI and save.

  2. Well, it could be your HDMI cable. Also, the video cable could be loose. My TV sometimes does that so I have to adjust it every now and then. It may also be because of the period of waiting time between your last use of it and the next time you use it. It could just be “warming up” to the the TV after a somewhat long waiting time. If it happens every few months it shouldn’t be something to worry about too much.

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