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I want to buy a ps3 which version shoud i buy? And y? And is 160gb enough? I want to play onlyn wid my frndz?



  1. Well the PS4 is probably on its way, so buying a PS3 then a few months pass and the PS4 is out. You’ll want the PS4 more. So i’d wait until news about the PS4 comes along.

  2. Yea, that 160gb would be good enough into more space. So, you would not need to buy 320gb. THAT IS HUGE! cuz Im not really nerd too deep into who playing more games. that would only few play that I would dont mind.

  3. Buy an older refurbished model. Like the 80gig and then get Playstation +. It’s about 50 bucks a year, but it backs up all your games and saves.and when you get a new PS3 or possibly a PS4, you can access all you content again! You also get tons of free games, discounts, trials, all sorts of cool stuff.

    I got this after my first PS3 died and I lost everything. EVERYTHING!! Game save wise anyway. I had only had the system for like 4 months.anyway. It’s awesome and really a good value. Plus, then you can always sell the older system back to the place you purchased from without a huge $$$$ loss when you decide to upgrade to something else. (There is also a year warranty at gamestop, if the thing craps out you take it in to get another one. )

    Hope this helps 🙂

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