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Installing Game in X-Box 360 Question!? :)?


So my Mw2 and GoW2 is scratched, and I was thinking of renting them both,and installing them, but still use mine so it could read that i have it( to star off). I have a X-Box 360 Pro, would those two games take ALOT of my memory. What are the Pro’s and Cons? Can I still go on live?

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  1. It only takes like 10GB-15GB for most games to install on the harddrive. Im pretty sure you could pull it off though, as long as you install a non scratched copy.

  2. You should be able to install the rented games, then use your own disc. All your box does when you do that is just verify that you own the disc each time you play. If just that part of the disc is readable your ok.

    As for switching your bad disc with the rental, this is not possible. Each rental is coded, either with a non removable sticker, or fiber code. You will get a bill for it, or a theft charge if you do it.

  3. Nope my all my games i install on my hdd and they take about 6 gb and they are halo 3, halo wars, army of 2 the 40th day and ncaa 201o i just checked and both those game take up 6.7 gb which is the same as my games.

    Pros faster loading times,less heat generated because the dvd drive only runs for 2 seconds, and less wear on the dvd’s and dvd drives

    Cons less hdd space

  4. Those two games will use between 6-12 gigs of storgae. Pros are faster loading times. Cons would be losing some space.and yes live will work!

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