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is the elite really worth it?


i have a core system at the moment and dont no wheather to get an elite for £260 or to get the premium for £200

what is the main differences all i no is


memory size

better graphics (i dont have a HD tv though yet)

so is it really worth it

i can get a 20gb hard drive for £30 but i havnt got any warrenty on my xbox 360 and its old i got it when it first come out so i dont no what to do

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  1. The Elite does not have better graphics. Before, the Elite was the only 360 to have HDMI output, which does give it better graphics on a HD TV, but now the premium, as well as the arcade, has HDMI output, so no graphical difference due to HDMI.

    I think the Elite is a rip-off because you’re basically paying 100 bucks just for an extra 100 gb. Is an extra 100 gb really worth 100 extra bucks? No. GBs are really cheap these days. It’s definitely not worth 1 buck for 1 gb. It’s morel ike 50 cents or less for 1 gb.

    If you think you’ll need that much storage space, then get the Elite, but if you don’t think you need that much, then go for the Premium.

  2. there are services on ebay that fix your xbox for you for 50 USD if it breaks, but im not sure if theyre legit. if you care for your 360, it should be fine. just go an buy the 20 gb hard drive.

  3. haha jojo thats not 260 dollars thats a different form of currency but anyway. As that one guy said about it yeah the elite and premium were made to store extra GB. and without an HDTV its not really worth it. I would use the £200-260 u were gonna spend on a new xbox maybe to use on ur current one. Buy an intercooler to assure ur xbox wont get the red ring of death. (Mine did) and other stuff.

  4. Hi there,

    Check the link I provided for a clear table that shows all the differences between all the Xbox consoles.

    The main difference between the Elite and the Premium is the memory.

    I have an Elite as I really did not want to worry about a lack of memory. There’s a lot you can download and save onto the 360 (your game saves, game add ons, trailers, themes, gamerpics, game demos, XBLArcade games etc) not to mention you can also put your own music and picture files onto it.

    With an Elite you are paying around £50 for 100GB more storage space.

  5. get the elite

    we have 3 xbox premium in the house and they all got the red ring of death

    i did nothing wrong, i make sure they are ventilating while its on

    but now we bought the elite (3 also) and they are working great.

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