Home Xbox Forum Is the extra cash for the xbox 360 elite worth the money?

Is the extra cash for the xbox 360 elite worth the money?



  1. No now that the premium comes with HDMI output. Originally, the reason anybody got the Elite was because of the HDMI output or they think they’ll need the 120 gb hard drive.

    The only difference between the premium and the Elite now is the color, the hard drive difference, and the HDMI cable. Are those differences worth 100 bucks? No.

  2. its is kind of because now microsoft has extended the warranty , so its kinda saying if you buy this product it will be covered if somethin goes wrong

  3. YES!

    1. It’s black. It goes GREAT with the rest of my electronics.

    2. HDMI (Until the white version came out with it too! DAMN IT)

    3. No more 3 RRoR!

    4. 120Gigs. surprinsingly enough Yes you will need more than 20gigs. I filled my 20 gig right away. Sad.

    5. If you buy the 120HDrive separate, it’s like 180 bucks!?!? You just saved almost 100 Dollars and your system looks better.

    These are my own opinions but it all boils down to what ever you like. “What ever floats your boat” kind of thing.

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