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Need help with Xbox Live?


im using wireless. I have had this problem since Feb and i cant figure it out. Every time i get on it says can not connect. so i try to connect it.the 2nd one comes up.i did everything. i type my name in my name and password to acces to the internet.

ok that sounds confusing so i also found this out my cell,laptop,etc wont either.is my pc blocking it? and if so how do i stop it.ps i have comcast

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  1. Ahh. Well I’m not sure buut I think you should try to connect it again, if it doesnt work, research it a bit, and if it still doesnt work, I’d try to take some stuff back/sell it and buy new stuff. (:

    Your welcome XD

  2. If your cell phone and PC also won’t connect to the internet, then the problem is with your internet, not xbox live. Try unplugging your router’s power cable for a little while (a few minutes) and plug it back in. If that doesn’t help, call Comcast.

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