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Problems with xbox live? PLEASE HELP!?


I got a new xbox 360 elite for Christmas and I have a problem. Before I signed up on xbox live on the xbox, I went on xbox live the website and made an account there on my email and stuff. But when after when I tried to connect to xbox live on my elite its asking me to sign up and put my email address, like it did on the computer. Do I go on the website and delete my account (I dont know how to delete my account so if I have to tell me how?)? I tried to sign up on the xbox again like it said, but it said the emiail address is already taken or something. WHAT DO I DO? HELP!

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  1. You jumped ahead by making your account early. Now you have to recover your gameratg. There should be an option on your dashboard. Put in you email and password and it will recover the account from Xbox Live.

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