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Ps3 slim 120 VS 360 s 250gb?


Im getting $500 to get clothes or my mom thinks im getting clothes okay so back to the point i want either an xbox or a Ps3 im leaning toward the 360 now bcuz of gears 3 and halo and last but not least xbox live. What are the pros of the ps3 over the xbox and vice versa. Btw there both $300 and im not spending mOre than that besides tax.

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  1. Ps3 is amazing system. It’s powerful enough to play the most graphically advanced games and blue ray movies yet quiet enough to hardly notice it. I love the new slim design yet I do miss the piano black look on the old console, but that’s only a small squabble. I’m playing Metal Gear Solid 4 on the console I bought right now and it plays flawlessly.


  2. u should buy Ps3 the fat one 80gb.

    because the slim lags alot and crashes and freezes

    the big one or the fat one doesn’t.


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