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PS4 Controller broken, what to do?


The r2 button on my controller is broken (when you push it, it sticks in and doesn’t come back out). Ive searched this problem up and seen that a lot of others have had the same problem. Does anyone know if I contacted sony if they would do anything for me? I cant really afford to buy a new controller right now.

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  1. if it broek you get a new one , what else could you do with something that is broken?

    sony doesn’t repair controller os even warranty them , you probably dropped it or have food crumbs stuck in there so the best you could do it try taking it apart and cleaning it but more often than not if an amateur takes a controller apart they break it worse or the lose parts

    sell a game or two if you need to and get a new one , everyone I know owns two or three controllers so would have just grabbed one of their spares if one broke

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