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Which Xbox should I get if I want to play online?



  1. I would recommend the Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 special edition. It comes with two controllers, a 250 gb hard drive and Call of Duty Modern Warefare 2, and a headset. It’s also the Elite version of the console which is the best for everything. (Newer faster chips, better cooling, HDMI) It costs $399. You are going to want at a hard drive if you want to play stuff online so that version is the most cost effective. Considering the base Arcade model (no hard drive) is $199, the smallest hard drive (20gb) is $50 for a refurbished one or $90 for a new 60gb with a headset. Not to mention a game which is $59.99 for a new game. Plus a second controller is $50. So separately you are looking at $360 to $400 for the non Elite version of the console and a hard drive 1/4 the size or smaller. Definitely get the Modern Warefare 2 special edition bundle for the best bang for your buck, plus that game is the best online game right now anyway.

  2. if u plan to stream anything from your pc to the 360 or if u want to download things like map packs or arcade games to ur 360 then u will need a hard drive. u could either buy an elite with a 120 gb hdd or an arcade(no hard drive, instead a 256mb memory card) and buy the hard drive separately, but it is probably cheaper(in the long run) to buy one with a hard drive. if u dont want to download map packs or arcade games, then an arcade should be fine.

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