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Why doesn’t my HDMI cables connect to my T.V?


I have a PS3 that does not connect to my T.V. This happened ever since I used the HDMI cables for my Cable T.V. When I try to connect it to my PS3 it doesn’t come up, it says ”No Signal” and nothing happens. Then one time it says a cable was detected would you like to use i click yes it goes to a black screen and stays like that is there anything i can do to fix it?

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  1. Make sure the tv is on the correct HDMI input. Also, a message would come up asking if u want to switch to HD which you may not be able to see. If that’s the case, wait a couple of minutes and check the inputs again.

  2. Make sure your tv is in hdmi mode and then hold ps3 power button for like 10 seconds until it beeps again then it should pop up a screen where there you can see and just put yes you can see clearly when it asks

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