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Why is everyone hating the Xbox One?


I haven’t heard the details about it, I just know that people are hating it.

I want to know why.

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  1. Well first the name “Xbox One” is just pathetic and illiterate thinking, for developers. XBOX infinity or XBOX fusion sounds allot better. Also there isn’t much of “wow I gotta get that” being said. Microsoft main objective now, is to replace your satellite/cable with their system. They want to get your main attention on entertainment. Yea it’s gonna be 8 cores of processing and yes there will be 8GB of RAM with some fancy graphics, but if Microsoft hasn’t learned, Playstation 3 is at it right now. They already offer good graphics rendering, and it’s already faster. XBOX isn’t focusing anymore on the gamer, they want to focus your whole living room. They want your grandparents, your mom, dad, sister, ant, uncle, and dog to love the system not just for the gaming, but for the actual entertainment that supposedly brings “family” and “love” together. This is great advertising on their behalf, but if they think we will give up on humanity now and just live to watch movies all day and live TV and become fat slobs they are surely wrong.

    There are main speculations on why Microsoft decided to bring back the old controller. As if they haven’t learned, the old controller is nothing but a piece of *. It was heavy and not premium made. it just didn’t feel like as if it was made for gamers. It felt as if it was a kids console. Alot of people are taking this for granted though. Now maybe it’s an improved much better controller, but hey time will tell.

    Main answer here again is it just isn’t “wow”. Just like the iPhone 4, there was the iPhone 4S. Nothing amazing, just improvements. We humans want more and more, year in and year out, and we just can hope to cope, but to have an art of the state technology with new great grounds.

  2. 1- The name

    2- has to connect to internet once every 24 hrs or it wont work

    3- has to use kinect 2.0 will not function with out it

    4- uses new port for headset, if you have one for 360/PC it wont work

    5- focusing on tv over games

    6- used game fee is full MSRP ($60)

    7- tv functions wont work without a cable subscription and xbox live subscription

    8- the “new features” it has I can already do with my PC/phone ie browse the internet, use skype, check fantasy etc

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