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Xbox 360 arcade?


Im going to buy a xbox 360 arcade and im going to get call of duty 4 for it. I would also like to play online. Wat all am i going to have to buy for it to work well and how much will it all cost in the end? Please help me with this and give me good answers. Thanks

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  1. try this link its on xbox.com and its got a lot of stuff on how to hook up xbox live and stuff like that.

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  2. You need the Xbox 360 Arcade, and there is a one month subscription included so you can play online the day you start. You need an internet connection. If there is no way to connect through ethernet cords, then you buy the Xbox wireless attachment, unless you want to buy a $50 Linksys / Buffalo router and install custom firmware onto it, buy a Linksys gaming thingy to turn wireless into ethernet. Then you would have to go through the tedious process of getting Xbox Live up and running and install updates.Then you would need the most important thing of all, the game itself.

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