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Xbox connection problems help please?


a use to have a wired BT connection cable but then a got a wireless one. And a connect my laptop to my xbox to get the wireless because a don’t want to buy the wireless adapter thing. mostly of the time a play call of duty 4 and 6 but every time a start playing it after every two game or so it always says connection interfered or something like that then my xbox freezes and disconnects from xbox its been doing that a lot since a got the wireless. so could anyone give me some tips on how to stop this because it is seriously annoying. thanks

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  1. I used to have the same problem. I suggest lowering your Firewall settings on your laptop or disabling your Firewall completely. This should help you have a better connection as your Firewall usually limits your connection speed. If this doesn’t work go onto your router’s web page (BT) and enable UPnP. Also try turning off any other wireless devices in your home including mobile phones and laptops as this will free up more internet space for your Xbox 360. If all else fails, turn off your internet and Xbox for 30 seconds and then restart both.

    Hope this helped.

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