1. When you buy gold, you buy it for one account. So, if you bought it for account 1, account 2 wouldn’t be able to play on live. You would have to pay for both accounts, or only one.

    I hope this helps. 🙂

  2. you would have to buy Xbox LIVE GOLD for both accounts of you wanted to play Online Multiplayer together using your own profile.If you only pay for 1 account, then the other profile would have to sign in as a Guest, and he wouldnt be able to gain stats, or achievements,etc.

    Halo 3 is a good example of this situation.

    hope this helps and gets best answer

  3. Nope,

    one subscription per gamertag

    But both of you will get one free month of Xbox Live.

    So just let the 2nd account use that ♪

  4. heres how it works a1 stands for account 1 and a2 stands for account2 ok lets say you get the gold membership and make an account for this sake we’ll just call it gold account when a1 signs online he would sign onto gold account and if a2 signs on after a1 he would be signed on as a guest member but any offline account on your 360 could sign onto gold account just not at the same time if so they become guests. ik thats confusing but thats how it works hope it helps

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