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xbox live with mod?


ook do they find out if ur using a mod chip if ur playing a game from the mod and will they still find out if u buy a game from a store and not use the mod

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  1. well, most of the time they watch for people to report modders, and most of them are soft-modders, but if you have modding hardware, such as the xecuter, and you run mods where people will report you, they probably will, but if you have it turned off, or arent modding at all with it on, just playing the game normal, they wont know.

  2. No, I think they can detected a modded console regardless of what game you’re playing.

    If you really want to get your console modded, you have to be prepared to not go online with it.

    I think it’s a shame as one of the consoles hi points is Xbox live.

  3. From my understanding the way they find out if you modding is by checking to see what dashboard you booted with.

    If you have a regular xbox you automatically boot with the microsoft dash, naturally.

    If you softmod you can basically only boot to the modded dashboard (i think there are some softmods that allow you to boot into either now).

    Then there is the chip modded xbox. Basically this way keeps your regular xbox dashboard completely intact and unchanged. Then when you boot up you can choose to boot to the modded version (on the chip) or the unmodded version.

    So even if you have the original game and either softmodded and tried Live! you’ll get booted, or if you left your modchip on on tried to get on live you will get booted.

    And obviously if you are playing a backup game off the hard drive you have to be in the modded dash so they will boot you.

    But if you have a modded xbox and boot into non-modded mode you shouldn’t get booted.

    At least this is my understanding, <(Basically my disclaimer saying "if you go on Live! and get booted, I'm sorry but I will not buy you a new xbox and pay for a new Live! account")

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