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Xbox360 v PS3: Whats better?


I want to get a new game system but I don’t know much about either. Which system is better and why? (Lamemans terms please)

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  1. thats an easy question to answer


    and the reasons

    free to go online

    blu-ray player

    better control pad

    full internet browser

    better exclusives (you will love little big planet)

    3d ready with a suitable 3d tv

    and play games like the wii with the ps move

    i cant think of NO good reasons for getting an xbox

    pay to go online

    crap control pads

    no full internet browser

    no blu-ray player

    most so called xbox exclusives are available on pc

    you look silly waving your arms about while playing zumba fitness on kinect

  2. PS3! First off all it has a blu-ray player 2. it has free online gaming 3. the lowest gb you can get is 120. 4. it has play station move. 5. it has such good games like little big planet gran turismo and god of war. 6. netflix!! now on with xbox. 1.you have to get someone to add a blu-ray player. 2.you need to pay for live. 3. the lowest gigabytes is 4. 4. it has kinect which is cool 5. it has some good games like halo and left for dead. 6. it has netflix as well.

    so over all i think ps3! it only does everything 😉 oh btw dont get the psp!! sux! nintendo is made for handheld 🙂

  3. PS3 Slim New Model Pros-


    – Better graphics on first party games like Uncharted 2, Little Big Planet, Killzone 2

    – Free Online Multiplayer

    – Last longer than even the new Xbox model

    – Quiet

    – No huge game power brick like xbox and wii

    – Better exclusive games only for PS3

    – Blu-Ray Player

    – DVD Player

    – Games use blu ray power full HD power, unlike xbox.

    – Less annoying kids online

    – Internet Browser

    – Full 1080p HD graphics, xbox is 720p

    – Controller can be used as a pc controller

    – Controller can be charged by USB, not batteries like Xbox

    – It has Metal Gear Solid 4 what else can I say?


    – Online is not as great as xbox live, but still really good

    – After warranty, the repair prices are very high

    – New PS3 model doesn not play PS2 games

    – Not as good look as the first PS3

    – Took out memory card reader from the first PS3 model

    – Removed 2 USB ports

    Xbox 360 Slim- New Model Pros

    – Better online

    – Better grip on controller

    – More games (not as good as PS3 games)

    – You can have a Avatar for your account

    – Bigger Online Community= More friends

    – Better looking model than the first xbox 360

    Xbox 360 Cons

    – Bigger failure rate compared to PS3, so breaks in a shorter period of time

    – You have to pay for online

    – No Internet Browser

    – Mostly Shooter games, not a huge variety

  4. i’m an old verterian when it comes gaming consoles I’ve used them all.now listen the most important aspect in game playing is not the graphics because both the Xbox and the PS3 both have the same video capabilities, but it’s the control and further more the type of games you like to play.i don’t want to bore you with the details so i’ll just give you my recommendation. the PS3 is the best choose

  5. I also have both & ill tell you a few pros & cons I see. As far as exclusive games, its hard to say one is better because thats subjective. PS3 doesnt have Gears of War, but 360 doesnt have God of War so thats a toss up category.

    PS3 pros:

    Free online network as long as you already have internet.

    Blu Ray


    The batteries for the controller are internal & need constant recharging. You can play while its charging but then youre tethered to the system.

    The controller is a little smaller than the 360 so big handed people might have trouble.

    Only 1 user id can be signed in at one time. So when me & my wife play Call of Duty all the custom setups are hers. As player two I can do my own & earn my own points, but after you stop it all gets reset to her settings & the next day I have to redo all mine again. I use 2nd chance perk on that game & she doesnt & I have to redo everything to get pro version everyday.

    X-Box 360 pros:

    Huge network of gamers

    Controllers use replaceable alkaline batteries so youre never tethered to the system.

    Controllers are larger than the PS3s & seem to fit in your hand a lil better. A little more comfortable

    More than 1 user id can be signed in at a time so you can play 2 player & earn your own points separatetly


    Big bulky thing on power cord that gets in the way

    No blu ray

    You have to pay a subscription for the online gaming.thats in addition to your regular internet bill.

    My advice is to buy both like I did. But if I had to choose between them I’d keep the PS3.

  6. PS3:


    It has free online play.

    It’s a Blu-Ray and DVD player.

    Has Netflix.

    Has better exclusive games.

    Has PlayStation Move.

    Has internal power supply (only uses the power cord).


    Doesn’t come with headset nor HDMI cable.

    PlayStation Home isn’t that great.

    Charging cord is small (only about 18 inches).

    Gets Y.L.D. [Yellow Light of Death (1-2% chance of it happening)].

    Xbox 360:


    Comes with headset and HDMI cable.

    Has good exclusive games.


    You have to pay $50 a year

    Has big power brick.

    It isn’t a Blu-Ray player (only DVD player).

    Scratches discs easily.

    Gets R.R.D. [Red Ring of Death (20%-50% chance of happening)].

    Get a PS3. Saves you money and frustration.

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