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360 elite reliable?


i bought an elite near enough 3 weeks ago. but i have heard that they are just as likely to break down as any other 360, is this true?

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  1. yes that is true

    you shouldve gotten a ps3. its cheaper($400). and its way more reliable(lifespan is around 10 years, xbox’s is mostly around 3-4 months)

  2. It’s gonna be much more reliable, along with any 360 on the shelves currently. Microsoft has spent time fixing the problems, and even delayed shipments for a while, just to try to avoid future breakdowns. It is possible to have a breakdown, and it is very unlikely.

    To the f@g “arseteroid”: The 360 is not outdated, so stop saying that. Also, it is true that ps3 has a more advanced inner-working, but it has NO good games to date. It has maybe two decent exclusive titles with unheard of release dates. If the ps3 and 360 were cars, the ps3 would have a better engine, but it would have no wheels. Therefor, it couldn’t even compete against, let alone beat, the 360.

  3. I have an elite and have had no problems. I have read there has been an additional heat sink added to the Elite GPU. As to the answer from arseteroid, arseteroid go home I think your mommies calling you. Yes the ps3 is a great system, if only there were any games for it.

  4. no because they put more work into them and the regular x box usualy only breaks down if you bought it within the first year.

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