Home Xbox Forum Beginner at Xbox 360 modifications can some guide me, please?

Beginner at Xbox 360 modifications can some guide me, please?


Well My xbox 360 got the rrod and I did the penny trick to fix it. I found out that it does work but slowly messes the xbox up at the same time. So I decided to replace the x-clamps and get a tailsmoon fan.

So my first question is, will this permanently fix the problem?

My second question is about the chips where I put the pennies. What should I use to cover them? Will the fan keep them cool or should i get more thermal pads?

And finally, my last question is about software mods. I bought a minispy usb to mod my BenQ drive. will this work? I have lt 1.9+ now, I need to get 2.0.

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  1. i don’t have a 360, but you can paste some thermal compound like Artic Silver on the heatsink and GPUs.

    Youtube has good mod tutorials.

  2. Can’t really help you there but you really should have just sent it to Microsoft since they’d either get it fixed or send you a new one for free. Too late now though since you’ve voided the warranty.

  3. no your fix won’t be permanent no matter what.

    older xbox 360’s were built in a crappy fashion so they’re meant to die at some point.

    specially once you get the rrod or e74 error. sure you can fix it but it’s always a temporary fix it will ALWAYS come back either as a rrod, e74 or no video problem

    to cool the chips on the bottom you should use thermal pads.

    I don’t know what a “minispy” is but no it won’t work to flash your benQ drive to LT+2.0

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