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Help/Advice with the Xbox 360?


Situation: My Xbox Live is broken, not my Xbox 360 itself, that still works fine, but I can’t connect to Xbox live. My gamertag is still there, my network works, cable and everything, I tested the cable and port with my laptop and it worked. Im starting to think it’s either my settings that dont comply with the router, or the ethernet port on my Xbox doesn’t work. I’ve tried to borrow some of my friends wireless adapters (since they connect by USB) but they’re too lazy to find them. Im considering selling it and buying another one. Btw the warranty is expired. Any suggestions?

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  1. I would try plugging the XBOX in the modem itself. Take the router out of the equation. That way you would know that it is not your router blocking xbox live.

  2. I guess the only real way to see if thats the problem is to get one of those wireless adaptors from a friend. Then you’ll see if its your xbox or router. Or you can try to connect by reconfiguring your xbox to connect to live, But if its your xbox, yeah sell it.

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