Home Xbox Forum how can i record online game play from my xbox 360?

how can i record online game play from my xbox 360?


ok i got an xbox 360 slim an i wanna be able to record online game play and upload it to my youtube channel,BUT i dont want record it on my CPU for its crappy.so plz NO computer opinions thankx. also i wud like to know if ANY DVR’s wud b able 2 record game play?also a name of digital camera with av in/out(i went to electronic store an cudnt find any with av in)


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  1. You’ll need a capture card. You can start off with the Easycap which is about $15 at your local computer store. But you can get it cheaper on Amazon. The quality is only 360p which is pretty low but hey, look at the price what’d you expect? If you’d like to spend a bit more get a Dazzle HD It’s for $50 at Best Buy. The Quality isn’t too good for a CapCard that expensive, Its confusing since It could only reach 480p instead of an HD Quality of 720p. But for good quality like that, 720p, you’ll need an HD PVR Which is about $200 but those are the capture cards Machinima uses so they’re worth the price.

    EasyCap: [url is not allowed].

    Dazzle HD:[url is not allowed].

    Local Store:[url is not allowed].

    HD PVR: [url is not allowed]…

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