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how do i stop the games i download on my ps3 being seen and used by all users on that PS3?


No its just the PS3 was bought for both me and my brother however he hates how everything I purchase comes up on his account for some reason.

I dont see why I should miss out the oppotunity of new games etc because he doesn’t like it, wanderd if there was a way to stop it, but if not i guess he’ll have to live with it. thanks guys 🙂

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  1. you can’t stop another user from playing the games on the ps3 , all games and dlc are accessible to all users unless the users are underage and blocked by parental control settings from playing the games

    why would you want to stop anyone from playing a game you bought? it’s not like the game will wear out by more people playing it.

    all content is accessible by all users on the same ps3 console , they can only play the games and use the dlc not access your account unless you save the password , and it does not affect your trophies or game saves to let others have their own users

  2. Sony doesn’t like people who don’t share 😛 (untrue)

    But shadow, I think this guy just wants to stop other people from touching what he bought out of spite.

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