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How to Be a Video Game Tester


Video game testing is a great money making opportunity if one is able to find one. I make my living working as a video game tester and I am going to guide you to be a video game tester. The work of a video game tester is to detect bugs and write them down in a report and send back to the company that offered you the job. When video game companies are in need of game testers, they do so by posting such opportunity in their website. How do they do this? They do it through advertisements by letting people know that are interested to take advantage of this offer. A good way to get one is to make contacts with someone that works in a game company. Well, if you don’t know any person that works in a game company, your chances are limited but it doesn’t mean you won’t be able to get this job.

Another way is to search at websites of game manufacturers. I guess you know the game manufacturers; they are EA, Microsoft Xbox, Sony, Code Masters and Nintendo. Make out time daily to browse through their website, when you see one, contact them and prove to them why they should consider giving you this job. Evenly go to the extent of telling them the number of years you’ve been playing game, the names of games you’ve played and the length of hours you spend playing each game. Explain to them these ideas in details to really convince them the more to offer you this job.

The compensation paid to a video game tester is attractive. Their pay ranges from $20 to $120 hourly, and I tell you, if you are able to impress them, as in detect bugs, you earn more. Think of when you test a video game sample for 3 hours daily, the amount you will earn in a month is likely to double.

When you’ve got the job, make out time to check your mail daily to see when you have samples of games to test. Read the instructions that come with it, read it carefully and make sure you know what is expected of you to detect while playing the games. Play the game all over and over again to see that you are not leaving any bug behind. After playing the game, write down what you discovered according to what you were told to do so and deliver the feedbacks on time. Seat back and wait for your check.

You too can be a video game tester like I do, not only will you be a game tester but you will also be sent a copy when the new game is released into the market.

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