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How to check for defects on Pre-owned PS3?


I’m planning to buy a PS3. I’m looking for options in ebay and other online buy and sell sites. A brand new 120GB Slim costs a little under $300 but I saw someone selling online which is around $40 cheaper but includes a 250GB unit, 2 controllers, HDMI cable and around 5 games. I want to make sure that if I get this, I won’t be cheated by being sold a defective unit. The seller has agreed to let me test the unit. Any tips on what I should be looking for to ensure that unit is in good working order (aside from it actually working)? A PS3 is a complicated piece of hardware and I want to make sure there are no hidden defects inside the unit if I’ll be buying it. The seller bought it in Canada and he already has a Fat unit which is why he’s selling it. Or maybe I should just get the brand new one? No games nor additional controllers included though and it’s more expensive.

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  1. if you got a slim ps3 for 30 bucks cheaper and its used. I would just go buy the new one. Its always a risk to buy used electronics. Used cars are ok but used electronics might break at anytime and you never know what the previous owner has done to it.

  2. I wouldn’t buy used electronics from a private seller. You can get a factory reburbed one for a good price (not $40 less than new, maybe $25) that has the factory warranty on it.

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