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I Am Looking For a PS3 Headset that Meets These Requirements?


I am currently looking into purchasing a PS3 headset that can meet the following requirements:

– Wireless

– Less then $100

– Bluetooth

– Can be able to hear the direction of people’s footsteps in games like Call of Duty

I would appreciate it if you replied to my question. Thanks!

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  1. If game sounds are important to you then I would suggest waiting for the new sony headset coming out soon. Its at the top of your price range but it has game sounds and voice chat/bluetooth. Unlike the one liked above, this one has game audio.

    [url is not allowed].

    It comes out October 1st for $99.99

  2. The Sony DRBT50 produces crisp and clear sound with deep bass. It includes top-quality neodymium magnets in the earcups and the built-in microphone produces good sound quality for making voice calls. The superior sound of these headphones makes them ideal for listening to music or TV sound and the included microphone enables you to use them with your cell phone too, all without the hassle of wires.

  3. Check out this headset:

    [url is not allowed]

    It is the official Sony PS3 headset, you can buy it off that website (amazon), it is a trustable website.

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