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I have 2 XBOX 360s in my house and they can both play live simultaneously, so why can’t they play together?


I have a little problem. Before the fall semester this year, I had my XBOX 360 at home, and I was able to party up with both my dad’s xbox 360 and my brother’s xbox 360 at the same time, and we could play all three at the same time in same game in the same party. After I took the console to school and the xbox live update, I brought it back. My brother’s xbox is out of commission, but I can still play on the same connection that my dad’s xbox is on. However, we can no longer party up, in game or out of game. There was however one time that I was in a party with my uncle who is a friend in the next state over, and then my brother was able to join that party, but after he left, the connection was disabled. Why can’t I connect with other xbox consoles in my house? It’s very frustrating

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  1. It’s the settings you are using on your network setup, almost 95% sure of that. Something changed between then and now.

  2. try to port forward your ports on ur modem/router.i had the same problem and it worked.or try getting a different connection from another router or modem.lol, but i dont know why anybody would do though.apparently when your xbox live detects two live connections at the same time through the same connection/ip range.it freaks out.probly thinking your a modder or something?

    but i could be wrong.if there is a setting on the xbox to do allow multiple connections from the same source, i havent found it.

    also, in my dorm I would look up my mac address on my computer through ipconfig/all (on windows) and copy the mac address and put ur mac address that you have on ur computer to use as the xbox’s mac address (network settings>alternate mac address on xbox).sometimes that works,but not all the time.bc its still the same connection.but give it a try.

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