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I just got an xbox and modern warfare and my kd on live is like 40 kills to 300 deaths. Can i fix it?


does everyone start out like this. this is my first call of duty game

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  1. yes, you can, but you have to make up the difference. it takes time and practice.

    best advice is to learn the maps. if you know the maps like the back of your hand, then you will easily figure out alternate routes, spots for blind grenade throws, good claymore plants, etc. the only way to do this is practice.

    you can do this on your own by going into a private match by yourself or with a buddy and just getting acquainted with the map. then, do some live to see what other people do.

    you are at a disadvantage coming into the game when there are over 8 million other folks on live who have been playing before you, but youll get it. just dont get frustrated, and play smart.

  2. Look around corners, Don’t just run and turn the corner, stop and slowly peek over.

    Take your time and don’t just spray&prey. Aim.

    Take ways that people don’t usually take to sneak up behind the other team and get them from behind.

    Throw flash/stun grenades in room or places you think someone camping in. If there is an X run in and try and kill them before it wears off

    Find the right sensitivity that you feel comfortable in.

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