Home Xbox Forum im having problems with my xbox 360?

im having problems with my xbox 360?


after playing for about 20 minutes the screen turns a little bit greenish and there are strange lines all over. i can still play the games but its annoying. the xbox was refurbished when i bought it so idk the company would fix it does anyone else get this problem and does anyone know about getting it fixed and how much it would cost?

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  1. really? REALLY? your screen is * up, lets thing about this. it couldnt be the tv could it? Noooo must be the xbox.

  2. make sure your av cable to the xbox is not set to TV if you have an HDTV and vice versa if you have a regular TV

  3. i like how everyone bashes this guy for not checking his cables, when in fact this is early symptoms of E74 error. Eventually it will freeze up and shut off and give you 3 lights then display a bunch of languages and a E74 on the bottom. Xbox does offer free repair if this happens along with free shipping each way. So dont just throw your xbox out lol.

  4. From your description, I think it might be an early stage of E74 error. This error requires you to send your 360 back to MS so they can repair it. But usually refurbished consoles come with warranty.

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