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Installing games into Xbox 360?


I was wondering what does the installing thing do on my xbox besides take up space? Does it help at all? If so what does it do?

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  1. What this does. It it pre loads important, to the game, information to the Harddrive. Like cutscenes, random data. Because reading information from the harddrive is much faster than reading it from the disk. It speeds up load times. Its as simple as that. It speeds up load times. Sometimes not noticable. Sometimes very much so. I’ve found with Skyrim it can shave about 20 seconds to a few minutes off load times.

  2. Not only will it load faster, but if something happens to your disc and it won’t play, you will still be able to play by sticking the scratched disc into your xbox, because you already have it downloaded, and it won’t need to read the disc anymore.

  3. it makes loading faster so if you’re playing a game that requires a lot of loading new areas, it will save you time.

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