Home Playstation Forum is getting a ps3 from E-bay good?

is getting a ps3 from E-bay good?


i want to buy a ps3 but its expensive so i want to get one from ebay but im afraid it wont work because they are USED!!what should i do?

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  1. Not everything at ebay is used. Also, I’d check Amazon. when you get to the page for ps3, click on “new and used” there will be some new ones, but from a 3rd party. I’ve bought lots of stuff that way through amazon now. The sellers have great ratings.

  2. well if for some reason it doesn’t work when you get it and the buyer disappears then ebay has a policy of refunding you because you are insured up to $1,000 or something like that. I would prefer to buy from one of those online stores on ebay then somebody unknown, to avoid any drama.

  3. I have purchased a used PS3 from ebay and it worked 100% fine.

    If the item is not as described you have paypal buyer protection to help you out, and you can always get someone to track the person down.

    I would say its pretty safe.

  4. JUST GET IT THEY WILL WORK IF THEY DONT TELL THE SELLER ABOUT IT. i am pretty sure it will work and to the first answer why are you answering this question you dumg s* she didnt ask about a xbox b*

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