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Is it worth it to get an xbox one?


I currently have 2 xbox 360’s (1’s mine and one is my partner’s).

I do not want a PlayStation 4. I love PlayStation’s but I’ve put too much time and money into my xbox live profile. I recently heard you can play xbox 360 games on xbox one but can you do that without an xbox 360?

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  1. Right now it’s limited, and in early beta. They will be expanding the games that can be backwards compatible before it’s full launch this fall.

    You should be able to play it without the 360 once it’s live, and the game you have is compatible.

  2. whether it’s “worth it” or not is completely up to you and whatever you actually mean by that.

    BUT you can’t play 360 games on XB1 YET, that update will come during the holiday season, so if you get an XB1 before then at very least DO NOT sell your 360 games

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