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Is my Xbox 360 broken?


I was playing GTA IV and my brother bumped it. It froze then it said something about the disc then I checked and it had a perfect circle scratch. Is it the 360 or the bump?

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  1. Its the bump. This happend to me before with fifa and it felt like the end of the world. Its quite a bad scratch so i suggest taking to a games shop and ask if they can clean the disc for you (they use a machine which do help a lot). I that doesn’t work get your mates gta and intsall that to the hard drive (this is what I did). With it installed, the game only needs to be read then booted so you should be able to use your disc again.

  2. It’s the scratch now your disc can’t read properly. If one of your friends have GTA IV then ask them to lend it to you and install it to your harddrive. If your 360 can still read the copyright data from the disc then it’ll work perfectly. Or get your brother to rent you a copy so you can install it since he broke it :p

    Good Luck

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