Home Xbox Forum Is there anyway i can connect my xbox live at this hotel?

Is there anyway i can connect my xbox live at this hotel?


I’m at a hotel where in order to connect to the internet, you first need to open a browser and authenticate by typing your room number and name. It worked on my laptop. However, when I select the wireless network to connect to on my xbox, there is no browser to open up and authenticate using your room # and name (obviously). i called the front desk and they said that you just can’t use it here, but i was wondering if maybe i can? when I click “test xbox live connection” in the network settings, it says it cannot obtain an IP address? any help!? thank you!

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  1. ya there is a way to use your laptops connection for your xbox through an ethernet but sorry i dont know how to explain the steps

  2. Why the hell would you bring an Xbox to your hotel? You can play Xbox anytime you get home. Get out the room and explore the excitement of your vacation site!

    The Xbox cannot obtain an IP address because the hotel’s network is not leasing an IP address to your Xbox. It needs to be authenticated with the hotel’s network just like your labtop. unfortunately, the Xbox has no browser, so you cannot connect to Xbox Live directly using just the Ethernet cable. You will have to set up your labtop so that it can share its already establish connection with the hotel to your labtop. This method is complicated and may pose several network complications, but if you really wish to play Xbox Live in a hotel, you must do it.

    Click the link in my source. You can either use the Windows Internet Connection Sharing (ICS) (if you have Windows) or you can use the generic bridging method.

  3. Probably the only way you could accomplish this would be to bridge the internet from your laptop to your 360. If you have an Ethernet cable you could try it.

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