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Is this PS3 backward compatible?


Hi, I would like to know weather my PS3 is backward compatible. On the back(between the power supply & ethernet cable) there is a sticker on my PS3, at the end of the code of numbers & letters on this sticker there is another code which I thought I recognized as the model number. This code is ‘CHECHL02’ I have looked it up in PSN forums and I haven’t found any other people with the same model number.

Is this my model number or have I got the wrong code? And if it is my model number, Is my PS3 backward compatible with PS1 & PS2 games?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Extra details:

– it is an 80GB PS3

– I bought it with Killzone2

– I live in AUS & bought it here aswell.

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  1. If you have 2 USB ports the no.

    If you have 4 USB ports your PS3 will play PS2 games.

    All PS3 models can play PS1 games.

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