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Microsoft xbox 360 help?


Ok well im talking for my friend but.

He is connected to live and he can send messages but.whenever he trys to join my sessions or when i try to join his sessiosns it says we cant.he also cant play on like matchmaking and stuff like that.

He has rogers yahoo highspeed and he lives in the country
no no he has gold like yea. hmmm i dont know im thinking it has something to do with his parental settings

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  1. Silver membership is free and allows you to sign into xbox live, record stats and talk to mates. However, you cannot play xbox games live on multiplayer

    Gold membership allows you to do all of the above AND play xbox games live on multiplayer. This membership isnt free

    Sounds like your mate has only the silver membership. If he wants to play online games with you he’ll have to upgrade to gold. You can do this via your xbox or on the official xbox site

  2. Does he have a Gold membership?

    You need to pay for Gold to play with ppl, and join parties.

    EDIT: thumbs down?

    Sorry, but the question wasn’t very clear. It just sounds like the friend can do everything that one can do with Silver, but not Gold.

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