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my 360 and xbox live?


ok i have a 360 and xbox live i also have wireless internet but i dont have the router in my room but the 360 is. i was wondering if there is a way to hook your 360 to your computer that has wireless on it (i have a laptop with the wireless thing built in )

and get xbox live from it without having to buy the 100$ wireless adapter

thanks for the help

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  1. no there is no way to hook it up without buying the $100 router sorry. they really get ya on that don’t they u always have to buy something really expensive. but u can just move the router to your room or if u can’t do that i think office depot and max sells cable extendors that reach really far. hope this helped.

  2. you do not have to get a router. if you have a modem you can go on xbox live. You have to turn off every thing to start the process. turn off computer. turn off modem by unplugging it. turn off 360. detach the ethernet cable thats on the modem and put the ethernet cable that came with the 360 on it then hook the other side of the cable to the 360. then turn on modem. turn on 360. and its done.

  3. I was just at microsoft.com and they said if your computer has high-speed conncetion, you can connect your 360 and access xbox live. You just have to connect your pc from the network cable (RJ-45).

    Good Luck!

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