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ps3 home network thing i cant seen to be able to talk to people?


hello you know the thing on the ps3 where you can walk around and talk to people by typing, well mine wont let me do that. i cant see people talking but it will let me type but no one can see it. i have tried everything. the only thing i can think of is that im only 16 so it might not let me do that

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  1. Home was updated and now all I see are dots for words,

    but I did not go into any homes or clubs, try those places.

  2. You could talk before, but Sony had removed this feature. You can voice chat only in virtual apartments or in clubs.

  3. Everybody can talk on that?

    you say you can type but nobody see’s it? maybe nobodys listening to you sweetie, or somebodys lyin to you.but yeah it should work just make sure your pressing triangle and not another button or something.

  4. You mean Playstation Home right? Are you sure you are pressing the correct buttons?

    Yeah I set my age to 18 ( Im 17 ) and it lets me type ok, perhaps it is your age, on Xbox I have to get my parents permission, I know their passwords so its cool (H)

  5. it must b ur age or it could b dat ur connection isnt strong enough 2 send ppl messages idk check ur sytem settings

  6. Maybe you’re typing on the PS3 the same way you type here and people are just ignoring you because they can’t understand what you’re actually trying to say.

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