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Should I get the XBOX 360S 4 GB(150$)?, is the memory enough for me?


I have own the PS3 AND XBOX 360 before. They are both great but I like the XBOX 360 more because of the online gaming. Do you think 4GB are enough? I wont be downloading anything because i will probably be getting things free through hacking
And yes I’m getting the 150$ XBOX 360 because I will only use it when I’m bored
Update 2:
Paying for XBOX LIVE is better than free PS3 ONLINE. >>I have own both systems<<
Update 3:
I have to admit the PS3 with two games for 200$ is a good deal but I’m not sure about the PS3

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  1. dude. 4 gigs is like like 1 game, if that. I bought the ps3 with the least amount of memory and it had 120 gigs. Just another reason why the xbox sucks eggs. paid online and paid memory.

  2. I’m sorry but no.I own the 4gb and had to purchase a 250gb hard drive for mine.

    I think some games take more then 4gbs to play.but you could buy a 250gb hard drive for like 60$ if you need to.

    Happy gaming!

    Merry early Christmas! 🙂

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