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Slow sky connection and no Internet on ps3?


In the past we had sky tv and by Internet, but we recently changed to sky broadband because it was cheaper. Our activation date was yesterday and I tried to set up the new router but encountered multiple problems. Firstly, I set up the router how it was shown in the set up booklet. This involved connecting the adsl cable from the router to a micro filter, and then connecting the micro filter to the master phone socket. The plug that had previously been connected to the master phone socket (the phone line) was then connected to the phone port of the micro filter. This is exactly how the booklet told me to set it up, however the sky hub Internet light was off, and I could not connect to wifi with any devices. So I took the adsl cable from the micro filter end and put it in the socket above the master phone socket, it had a bt open reach logo, as we had previously been on bt. This gave an Internet connection, but I was unable to get a connection with my ps3, and when I did it said the download speed was only 600kbps! I am wondering what’s wrong, and more importantly why there was no Internet connection when i set it up the way sky had told me. Any help would be appreciated

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  1. Why not ask on sky.com?

    Your download speeds will vary over the first few days. Your PS3 won’t connect because your Sky Router will have a new SSID that you need to connect to with the new password. You can run ethernet cable to it and bypass that though – but you need to go into Network Settings for the PS3 and choose Wired Connection instead of Wireless.

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